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Seedless Green Grapes 1KG

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The function of Grapefruit: Health Benefits Of Grapefruits, Suppress Appetite, Treat Influenza, Treat Malaria, Promote Sleep, Control Diabetes and Reduce Acidity.

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Nutritive Value of Grapefruit:

 per 100g, about half a grapefruit

Fiber | 1/2 grapefruit contains 2g fiber

Carbohydrates | 1/2 grapefruit contains 11g carbohydrates (7g sugar)

Vitamin A | 23% DV

Vitamin C | 52% DV



Vitamin B1, B5

Antioxidants | lycopene especially in the red and pink varieties, naringenin and naringin

Phytonutrients  | limonoids

Small quantities of minerals | iron, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus

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