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The function of Banana: Banana good for the high blood pressure down.

To improve the mood.

To provide a lot of energy to the body.

To eliminate some skin diseases.

To improve the function of immune system.

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Nutritive Value of Banana: Banana contains large amounts of soluble fiber, which can promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract, keep the cleanness of the intestinal tract, so as to maintain the health of intestines and stomach. If you keep eating a banana before going to sleep every night, it can effectively relieve chronic constipation.

Banana contains a special chemical substance, which can stimulate the resistant ability of gastric mucosa and enhance the protection on the stomach wall, so as to prevent the occurrence of gastric ulcer. For some people who always have to drink alcohol in social activities, they can eat some bananas before drinking, which can help them relieve the harms caused by too much alcohol.

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